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The Pikler

The Pikler


The Pikler, invented as a triangular climbing module by Hungarian paediatrician Emmi Pikler, is a versatile climbing frame which can be used for both structured and imaginative play. 

Our version of it is modular - with each module having the capacity to extend both ways with a circular metal lock.  It is made with the best quality Russian Ply and oakwood.

The size and the diversity of the Pikler can grow alongside the growth of the children using it. Babies 6 months old can initially start using the Pikler as a pulling support and playing under it and as the babies grow, so can the Pikler. 

Starting with a simple 2 module structure, more climbing and sliding modules can be added to it. 

Multiple forms can be explored, ranging from simple to complex enhancing the child’s creativity and imagination.

The structure can fold up to be stored easily when not in use

  • Return Policy

    We really hope that you’ll love our products.


    We’re a small and dedicated team, so we take great care in hand-crafting our products especially for you. If however, you have any complaints or questions, please email us at and we will be happy to help.


    We do not offer a full refund or exchange on any of our products. 

  • Shipping info

    Currently we deliver to anywhere and everywhere in Karachi.

    A standard delivery charge of Rs 200 will be added to your order. The delivery charges of orders outside of Karachi are according to the weight of the product.

    Please note that because your product is hand made with love, we need some time to craft it and hence it will arrive to you within 7 to 10 working days of us receiving the order.

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