On Play - Colouring Cards

On Play - Colouring Cards

This set of 7 postcards encapsulates the experience of the Children’s Park at the Urban Forest in Clifton Block 5. Each card consists of an illustration of a play element at the park, with dense foliage and organic mounds in the background. The drawings can be coloured in with pencil, markers or watercolours and used as postcards, or displayed as an artwork. 

They are available in 2 sizes, an A5 booklet and an A4 booklet.

The booklets may act as a companion to children experiencing the park and creating their own unique memories.The A4 set has 8 illustrations, an axonometric map of the park is an additional illustration. 


The drawings are printed on 120gsm cartridge paper suitable for colour pencils, markers and watercolours, hand-bound in card paper.

  • Size Specification

    A5 - 7 illustrations of the play elements

    A4 - 7 illustrations of the play elements plus an additional illustration of the Map of the Urban Forest