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As architects, while working on large scale projects, we realized that there is an immense potential in working intimately with simple, sustainable materials, and that looking at what constitutes resources in our context in a different way is the need of the hour.


 We aim to create simple everyday objects, with finesse, beauty and a lot of love.

Our workshop is our space to experiment. Here we look for answers to questions that seem simple enough, but can manifest into multiple iterations. Here we play with colours, with textures and with the sunlight filtering in through jute walls.



Dania Faruq

Meet Dania. Our anchor. The glue that keeps our studio together. A true superwoman, juggling design, office management and ideation not to mention raising her super-cute toddler. She keeps the studio grounded all the way from Australia.

She is an exceptionally talented architect. Creative, energetic and full of life and laughter. Her thoughts and work are well composed and resolved as well as fun to experience. She possesses the talent to execute projects ranging from small explorations in the workshop, to full scale school buildings. Ensuring our feet are bolted firmly to the floor while our heads are in the clouds.

She's also a much loved former mentor at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

IMG_3869 (2) (1).jpg

Shehrebanu Nooruddin

Now, where do we start with SB. She dreams and she dares. She is the force behind the Open Door Design Workshop. She developed a beautiful shed outside the studio as a space to get our hands dirty, craft ideas and enjoy the breeze.
She is an Architect who drives inspiration from the raw and natural beauty of the things around us. Always careful about the environment, she has a strong contextually relevant approach to design.
She is our support system. Her presence makes the studio a brighter and happier place.

She can be found in the shed tinkering with objects and enjoying the sunlight.

IMG_3814 (2).jpg

Rida Zaidi

Rida has been with the ODDS team in different capacities over the last six years. We first traveled with her to Sri Lanka even before she started Architecture School. Today she joins us as a confident and creative architect who enjoys working on small scale interventions.

She is an immensely talented illustrator, and enjoys colour, quirkiness and fun details.

Her design process is driven by honesty, joy and creative thinking. In the workshop, she helps in developing products and strengthens the foundation of this new initiative.

She fills our stressful days at work with love and laughter.

And our support system and partners who are a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

The Studio Team

Murtaza Nooruddin

Dabeer Hemani

Merziya Fatima

Hira Rasool

Wajiha Ashraf

Hammad Jamil

Rejah Khawar



Head Carpenter  

Ghulam Nabi

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