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Tons and tons of paper is used in Karachi everyday.

As sheets of paper piled up in our office, and in our homes, we realised it is a great resource to work with.
There are multiple opportunities in working with a material like paper, and this lockdown allowed for us to get an extended period of time to explore this idea, and to play with form, texture and colour.

Paper clay, as we like to call it- is one of the most versatile materials we have worked with.
It is super light, malleable and one can create a series of dreamy installations and still be left with infinite ideas to develop further. The natural tendency of the material creates a strong visual texture. The tactility, softness and smoothness of the finish is another avenue of multiple possibilities,the softness of the texture is visually and haptically delightful.

We have just begun our journey of understanding this material and the possibilities it has to offer.

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